About Hybris

SAP Hybris / SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud is a digital e-commerce solution and it’s belongs to SAP family. By using this platform businesses can manage their product data, customer data, marketing tools, and can perform diffrent e-commerce processes. Many different sectors can use SAP Hybris to for a better experience for their customers.

Hybris can be integrate with other SAP product like SAP ERP and SAP CRM to achieve an end-to-end and smooth customer engagement experience.

By using Hybris we can create many type of e-commerce site that covers the following capabilities/features of SAP Hybris Product for e-Commerce −

B2B Business
B2C Business
C2C Business
Telecommunications Business
Insurance Business
OCC (Omni commerce connect)features
Search Manegment
Product Mangement
Cart Mangement
Order Managment
Promotion and Marketing  etc...

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